Fracture Blending Unit

The Total Equipment And Service Trailer mounted Blender is designed to provide low and high rate Fracture slurries to Fracture pumps through an open tub blending system design with the capability to deliver high densities of proppant accurately for well fracturing.

Technical Specs

Length 496.1 in 1260.09 cm
Width 102 in 259.08 cm
Height 162 in 411.48 cm
Weight 61,000 lbs 27669.1 kg

Product Overview

The Fracture Blending Unit is a trailer mounted mixing unit for the purpose of mixing fracturing fluids with chemicals and proppant. It is the most vital element of the frac system. Because of the advanced electronics and superior hardware, these units deliver high levels of durability and efficiency in mixing stimulation fluids, proppant and chemicals.


    • Trailer mounted – spread axle road legal
    • Discharge rate at 100 BPM
    • Detroit diesel MTU 2000 and series 60 Engines
    • Cotta transmission or equivalent
    • Mission sand master discharge pump
    • Mission or Garmin Rupp suction centrifugal pump
    • Dual fuel system with 300 gallon capacity
    • Hydraulic close and open loop driven components
    • Three 12″ Sand augers
    • Discharge mixing tub paddle system
    • Multiple Waukesha chemical pumps
    • Micro Motion chemical flow meters
    • Rosemount suction and discharge flow meters
    • Integrated automatic control system
    • 30 gallon stainless steel chemical day tanks on deck
    • Cat walks on both sides of the unit front to front of deck
    • Dry chemical volumetric feeders over tub

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