Q1000 Pump

With the same compact design as our T600S model, the Q1000S Well Service Pump covĀ­ers a larger power output within a small footprint. The Q1000S is compact enough to be configured in a back-to-back setup, but packs more power for a range of applications including acidizing, cementing, fracturing, coil tubing support, and snubbing operations.

Technical Specs

Length 50 in
Width 73 in
Height 24 in
Weight 7,040 lbs
Max Brake HP 1000 BHP
Max Rod Load 100,000 lbs
Gear Ratio 4.61:1
Stroke Length 6 in



    • Big brother to T600S, providing higher rate and smoother operations along with compatible pump expendables
    • Gear box features AGMA Class 10 carburized, hardened and ground gearing
    • Compact size allows back-to-back mounting within legal width
    • Centered crankshaft for improved, dynamically balanced mounting
    • Optional integrated oiling system for main and rod bearings through crankshaft

    Fluid End

    • Horizontal Quint Monoblock design
    • Proprietary forged steel or optional stainless steel
    • Dimensioned to fit industry standard power ends
    • Durable plunger coating for increased lifespan
    • Discharge gauge ports
    • Multiple suction manifolds available


    • In-house Autofrattage
    • Pump Expendables Available
    • Pump Tools Included

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